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Rehoboth Beach - On-Going Yoga Classes


Fundamentals (A Beginners Yoga Class)

Perfect for those brand new to yoga. While receiving detailed instruction, students learn the "flow" of yoga, enabling students to build confidence, safety and ease in their practice.


Destress & Detox

Class includes ½ hour essential breathing exercises for removal of toxins from internal organs, ½ hour of twisting postures to strengthen low back, massage adrenals, reshape chest cavity for better breathing, 20 minutes body-based deep relaxation to balance the autonomic and central nervous system.

Intuitive Flow

A mindful, flowing and compassionate practice blending movement, stillness and pranayama (breath). With each unique class you will not only build strength and flexibility in your body, but also develop an awareness of the body through more advanced breath & posture work. Classes introduce and focus on alignment, relaxation, bodily awareness, yogic breathing, and energy flow as students deepen their understanding of how their body works. Modifications taught for all levels.


Beach Yoga (Memorial Day - Labor Day)

Stretch the spirit & reconnect with nature as you practice yoga on the beach. Through the summer, enjoy morning beach yoga in Dewey Beach at Swedes Street and Ocean.  The class is $11 cash-only. One dollar of which will go to the Dewey Beach Lifegaurd Fund. Bring a towel, water, and sun protection.  This class will be held from May 28 - September 3, 2013.


Hatha Bliss Deeper Practice

An all level yoga class taught with a non-dogmatic spiritual energy. Beginning with an inward, personal intention-based centering and meditation, we will use many forms of yogic breathing to deepen our connection with our inner spirit. Throughout the practice, we'll engage physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually based on each individuals' level of comfort. We'll end with an extended savasana and closing meditation.

Yoga with David Elder

This unique Yoga class covers a large range of different modalities, including: guided imagery, releasing & letting go, & strength building. Several kinds of focused breathwork including Kapalabhati and alternate nostril breathing. Chanting will be incorporated as a method of improving ones vibration, melting stress and boosting the immune system. Plus, Enjoy progressive guided deep relaxation. David puts a very strong emphasis on using Asanas to bring awareness to the parts of body that are holding stress, and then using breath work to help release this tension. He believes building an awareness of one's breath is a core Yogic principle in not only reducing stress but preventing it from occurring in the first place. All of these practices help one stay grounded, invite expansion of the intuitive mind and create an abundance of energy to live our lives fully with passion and intention!



Prenatal Yoga

You will be guided through a series of postures learning how to link breath with movement bringing awareness to both mother and child and the beautiful changes happening in your body. Each class ends with a relaxation period. Prenatal yoga is appropriate to begin in your 2nd trimester. Benefits of yoga during pregnancy include strengthening the pelvic bowl and uterus, increased energy levels, calming the nervous system, improved digestion, circulation and sleep. It’s also known to reduce some of the symptoms like back pain and sciatica, swelling and inflammation as well as nausea.




Gentle Flow Yoga

Breathing techniques, connected asanas and guided meditation provide an experience that centers, lengthens and relaxes.


Prana Flow Yoga

A mixed level class focused on allowing our prana (breath) to move us through asanas, using the heat created in our bodies to move deeper into poses to build strength and enhance flexibility. For the time spent in class, we encourage participants to listen to their bodies, let go of competition, judgement, and expectations to truly enjoy their practice. Each class is ended with final relaxation and optional adjustments/temple rubs.



Mom & Baby Yoga

For Moms 6-week postpartum (who have been cleared by their doctor/midwife) and babies who are pre-walkers. Join us to create a community of new Moms while enjoying special bonding time with your baby. Through breathwork and rejuvenating yoga poses we will connect to our ever-changing bodies, strengthen our core, and recharge from mommy fatigue! Your baby is welcome to eat, nap, play with toys, and share in some mom/baby yoga poses. Please bring a blanket for them to use while on your mat and feel free to bring your car seat carrier. You will be in a well supported environment so please do not worry if your baby cries or is fussy. Our practice does not require for the environment to be perfect but invites the skill of accepting things just as they are in the present moment. After our final resting pose we will look for the babies to be just as blissed-out as us Moms!



Kripalu Mixed Level Yoga

Kripalu Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga using inner focus, meditation, standard yoga poses, breathwork, "development of a quiet mind", and relaxation. Kripalu emphasizes "following the flow" of prana, or "life-force energy, compassionate self-acceptance, observing the activity of the mind without judgment, and taking what is learned into daily life.


Men's YogaKaya_Shoot-151_edited

Join David Elder for a men's only class. As we know yoga is not a ladies-only practice but now there's something geared specifically for the men. Men tend to hold their tension in the hamstrings, hips, low back, neck, and shoulders. Most men in our culture today focus solely on building strength or endurance in certain sports or weight lifting. This leads to excess tension and tightness that can limit the progress in their athletics or day to day life. With yoga you build strength, increase flexibility, endurance, and body awareness that can take your athletics to a new level. Through yoga you can learn to rewire the competitive instinct mind and make it a choice instead of a reaction. This is true in the athletic as well as the working world.Through certain postures & breathwork we learn to get out of our heads and into our body and spirit.

Aerial Yoga

Kaya offers several Aerial Yoga Classes.  Please click "Aerial Yoga" for more information.

Philadelphia - On-Going Yoga Classes

Regularly scheduled classes are all Aerial, but if you are interested in prenatal, mom baby, or regular yoga classes you may schedule private sessions for groups or individuals.


Regular Yoga Pricing

(may not be used for aerial yoga classes, series or workshops)

All Access Week of Fitness Pass ~ 7 day unlimited classes (includes all studio classes) ~ $65 (begins date of 1st use)


Single Class ~ $15.00

5-Pack ~ $67.50 (60 Day Expiration)

10-Pack ~ $120 (90 Day Expiration)

1-Month Unlimited ~ $160.00 (Begins Date of 1st Use)

1-Month Unlimited AUTO RENEWAL ~ $130.00 (6-Month Minimum Sign-up)

4-Month Unlimited ~ $440.00 (Begins Date of 1st Use)

Annual ~ $1200.00 (Paid In Full) or $1400.00 ($350 paid quorterly with a signed 1-year contract & credit card on file)


For Information on Aerial Yoga classes and pricing please click the "Aerial Yoga" Tab



Private Training
Private Yoga Instruction: Develop a practice, through private instruction, to use at home; specialize your appointment for weightloss, prenatal, or to suit your needs.





Individual or Couple ~ $75.00 / hour

Private Group ~ $125.00 / hour

6-Pack ~ Save $5.00 Per Session ~ or ~ 10-Pack ~ Save $10.00 Per Session

1-Month Unlimited ~ $160.00 (Begins Date of 1st Use)





Integrative Yoga Therapy
Yoga therapy approaches healing from a yoga perspective, empowering the individual to become more responsible for their own health & well being.

Integrative Yoga Therapy ~ $100 / hour







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